Chop-Chop In NPP AS… Blay & Awuku Blows Million On Accreditation

The Weekly Guide Newspaper/GhanaPoliticsOnline.Com has it on authority that the supposed Ag. National Chairman of the NPP, Mr. Freddie Blay has through dubious means awarded a contract to Mr. Sammi Awuku to provide paper laminated accreditation for its party delegates at an overly inflated cost.

Speaking on a condition of anonymity to this paper, our source at the NPP treasury office indicated to us that, prior to the party’s delegates conference in Sunyani last December, the party needed to procure accreditation for its delegates and members for the event.

However, in a strange circumstance, Mr. Freddie Blay unilaterally chose to award the contract to Sammi Awuku despite the fact that other companies had given a much better offer in terms of quality and cost.

Our source further disclosed that Mr. Sammi Awuku charged the party Ghc3.00 per paper-laminated accreditation whiles other companies were willing to offer as low as GHc1.00 for similar quality.

Mr. Freddie Blay knowing very well that the price quotation by Sammi Awuku was overly inflated still went ahead and signed a Cheque of Ghc21, 000.00 for him to produce about 7000 paper-laminated accreditations, the source added.

The source stressed that the party was shortchanged to the tune of Ghc14, 000.00 since they could have produced same quantity and quality for Ghc7000.00 as the market price.

‘I am shocked at the current rate of corruption and conflict of interest going on at the party headquarters. The party funds are being depleted into private pockets without any due regard for the bigger task of winning the 2016 elections. It seems our party now glorifies political entrepreneurs rather than those who seek to protect the party’s purse,” the source concluded.

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