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16 year old Ghanaian musician Dhat Gyal cancels 10yrs Norwegian Recording deal

16 year old Ghanaian musician Dhat Gyal and his Ghanaian management Jerrybeatz Classic have canceled a ten year contract she signed with a Norwegian based Ghanaian record label 5K productions.

According to Attractivemustapha.com, Jerrybeatz Classic says the content of the contract document provided by 5K productions is palpably contrary to the verbal agreement and oral discussion they had.

Attractivemustapha.com further indicates that the contract document stated ten years as the duration of the contract instead of the five years agreed between the two parties verbally amidst other needful items discussed on phone which were not listed in the written contract.

Jerry beatz Classic also added that that their doors are opened to all well-meaning people who want to come on board and support the young talented musician’s career.

Dhat Gyal was recently reported to have appealed for support to further her education.


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