The Realities Of The Time.-Wrongful Comparison Using The Ivorian Situation -Ohenenana Obonti Krow

It is clear that altering social pattern is particularly hard,especially in a single four-year term,yet it may be argued that if a party promises to cut taxation, it can redeem this promise depending on the realities of the period.But it is quite possible for politicians to encourage attitudes and expectations which are mutually incompatible. Thus the public have come to expect a certain standard of comfort in hospitals or a certain level of support if they are unemployed and parents expect that children who achieve a certain scholastic standard will be able to enter a university. Yet these standard require public expenditure which in our situation could be achieved through efficient revenue collection system. The unfortunate aspect is that if one side of the equation has to be sacrificed,the disappointment is far greater or of more political significance than the pleasure felt at the achievement of the other side.

A further unrealistic attitude which both political leaders and the public encourage with equal enthusiasm is an exaggerated notion of what any government can achieve so that nothing unfortunate happens for which the public will not blame the government and for which politicians are not prepared to assume responsibility or at least,if in opposition,to blame the government.

The current political dynamics demand sobriety and deeper meditation than we see some politicians and academicians do.The partisan environment is affecting the thinking direction of some persons who ought to have been our hope in discussing policies of state. It is no more about internationally accepted principles, but sheer propaganda and diluted theories.

Take Ivory Coast.I find it difficult understanding why an academician or to be more specific,an accomplished economist of Dr Bawumia’s calibre.Let me quote here a statement made by Madam Christie Lagarde the IMF director “Mediocre economic growth could become the new reality leaving millions stuck without jobs and increasing the risk to global financial stability” she said this after she has explicitly stated the global economic challenges and how certain structural reforms in Ghana including infrastructure investment as well as trade reforms were going to impact positively on Ghana’s economy. She projected that Ghana is likely to assume its gateway status by the second quarter of 2017.Have those doing such comparison, found out the infrastructure investment in Ivory coast between 2013-2016? and are they aware that serious health cases in Ivory Coast are referred to Ghana?Have they found out the pay structure in Ivory Coast vis a vis the percentage of its revenue that goes into salary payment. Have they found out the quantum of external funds that go into its domestic expenditure? and whether it is a sustainable policy.The price of fuel in both countries, the standard of education and ex
expenses involved. It is not just about western propounded indexes but how policies rolled out, would impact directly on the lives of the people present and posterity.The Ivorian economy for decades is dependant on dictates from France hence the challenges Gbagbo encountered when he tried to deviate from the status quo.

To make up for the shortfalls in government revenue from exports the rate of taxation needed to be adjusted which is the commonest and appropriate panacea. The strengthening of the revenue collecting agencies to ensure that all Ghanaians contributed their share to tax revenue was envisaged and implemented leading to the improved tax base.As we surge on we must still target revision of our interest rate and tax structure to preserve the incentives for increased local food and industrial raw materials. This what we call prudent management of the economy not just doing comparison without coming out with itemized facts and components to support your assertion.

My appeal to my readers is that: though I am a novice if it comes to real academic work,we must give a little attention to points raised in the write up and give it the academic scrutiny it deserves


Ohenenana Obonti Krow

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