We, members of Democratic Youth Alliance want to use this opportunity to congratulate one of the finest, multiple award winning investigative journalist and an illustrious son of mother Ghana. Your unrelenting effort to unearthing corruption and making it unattractive to all and sundry is legendary and worth emulating.

While praising him for his wonderful works, we implore every well meaning Ghanaian to carefully analyse his work and criticize it constructively.

On the other hand, we seize this opportunity to condemn the scathing attack launched on him in no uncertain terms by no other person than the Honourable member of Parliament for Assin Central Kennedy Agyapong who until recent times portrayed himself as an anti corruption crusader. We describe his behavior as an attack on mother Ghana, unfortunate and an embarrassment to the title ‘Honourable’ as bestowed on him.
While questioning the modus operandi of Anas’s investigative journalism, we are also struggling to believe that the final work of Mr Anas hasn’t been compromised. Below are some of our reasons:

1). Why did Mr Anas truncate his investigation into the Jubilee House when the lead character in his video (Nyantakyi) emphatically stated (told them) that, to win any contract in Ghana, all you need to do is to give the President (Nana Addo) an amount of $5m. Couldn’t this be the norm at the presidency? Couldn’t Nyantakyi be speaking out of experience? For God sake, this is the highest and the biggest seat of government. Is Aremeyaw not interested in the sanctity of the seat of the president? The Anas we know is very intelligent and won’t allow this side of the issue to elude him. Something went wrong. We also believe that Mr Anas’s inability to delve deeper into this side of the issue to exonerate president or affirm the stand of Nyantakyi has left a perpetual corruption dirt on the President.

2) How come Anas wasn’t interested in investigating the Vice president, Dr Mahmoud Bawumia when we were told that he also will take $3m? Is this not intriguing enough to ignite investigation into?

3) We have 2 Deputy Chiefs of staff. How come Mr Nyantakyi didn’t mention the 2 but mentioned only Hon Asenso-Boakye? More also, we heard that Mr Asenso-Boakye frequently updated Mr Nyantekyi on the whereabout of the president, Nana Addo. We are surprised why Mr Anas could let go of this part of the investigation when it was clear that he was using the snowball approach?

4) Hon Anthony Kabo was named by Mr Nyantekyi as the chief informant. He updated Mr Nyantekyi on a purported Chinese loan, the roads they will be used for, the part of the country the roads would be constructed, the construction firms and even the number of bridges that would be constructed. His name was mentioned not less than 10times in the video. Which spirit stopped Anas at this point? Couldn’t it be right if Mr Anas had checked the veracity of these allegations??

5) Honourable Kennedy Agyepong was said to be the ‘owner’ of Ghana’s road ministry and that once he is bribed, everything could go through coolly without any difficulties. This statement means that, Mr Nyantakyi had tried and tested the system and hence was abreast of the fact that, this is how things are done under this government. Are you sure Mr Anas, knowing who he is, could leave this revealing issue unattended to??

6). We are at sea why Mr Anas could show the video to Mr president, HE Nana Addo to watch in secrecy when in fact, he is an accomplice in the video. This leave much to be desired.
We are told by government apparatchiks that Mr Nyantakyi was just bragging with the president’s name and hence doing influence peddling. Assuming without admitting its true, could Nyantakyi also be bragging with Dr Mahmoud Bawumia, Hon Asensuo, Hon Kennedy Agyepong and Anthony Kabo’s names?

We are therefore calling on Mr Anas Aremeyaw Anas and his TigerEye pi to come out clean and help us divorce our doubts that this is his real final work on GFA.

Thank you.

Bismark Newton Haduvorsah ~President, (Democratic Youth Alliance – Volta)
Mob: 0249203691.

All Media Houses
Anas Aremeyaw Anas and TigerEye pi.
Mr. Kweku Baako.

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